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ALBUM TITLE: "The Presidents"
Narration by Brent Laing

Inspirational Quotes From:

Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Jackson
Benjamin Harrison
Bill Clinton
Calvin Coolidge
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin Pierce
George Bush Senior
George Washington
Grover Cleveland
Harry Truman
Herbert Hoover
James Buchanan
James Garfield
James Madison
Jimmy Carter
John F. Kennedy
John Quincy Adams
John Tyler
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Martin Van Buren
Millard Fillmore
Ronald Reagan
Theodore Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson
Ulysses S. Grant
Warren G. Harding
William McKinley
Woodrow Wilson
Zachary Taylor

Track Samples (not full length)

Harry Truman

Abraham Lincoln

Woodrow Wilson

Abraham Lincoln

George Washington

Dwight D. Eisenhower

CD 1                                 Accompanying Music


1. In The Steppes Of Central Asia
2. ‘From The New World’- Symphony No.9: 3rdmvt:Scherzo
3. Impromptu Op.36 in F Sharp Major Andantino(edited)
4. L’Arlesienne-Suite No.1:IV: Carillon
5. ‘Raindrop’ Prelude Nr. 2,Op.28:No.15 in D flat major:
6. ‘Elvira Madigan’ Piano Concerto No.21 in C Major:Andante
7. L’Arlesienne-Suite No.1:II: Minuetto
8. Pavane pur Une Infante Defunte
9. America The Beautiful
10. In The Steppes Of Central Asia
- A. Borodin
- A. Dvorak
- F. Chopin
- G. Bizet
- F. Chopin
- W. Mozart
- G. Bizet
- M. Ravel
- S.A. Ward
- A. Borodin
CD 2  
1. ‘Promenade’ from Pictures at an Exhibition
2. Shenandoah (Orchestral)
3. Hungarian Dances: No.3 in F Major
4. ‘Clair de lune’ - Suite Bergamasque:III
5. Gymnopedies No.1
6. Peer Gynt-Suite No.1,Op.46: ‘In The Hall Of The Mountain King’
7. L’Arlesienne-Suite No.1:III: Adagietto
8. ‘Scottish’ Symphony-No.3 in A Minor,Op.56Vivace non troppo
9. Waltzes, Op.39: No.15 in A flat Major
10. Military March No.1, Op.51
11. Water Music, Suite:2 – Air-Andante poco Allegretto
12. Battle Hymn Of The Republic (Orchestra)
13. The Star Spangled Banner
14. ‘Promenade’ from Pictures at an Exhibition:
- M. Mussorgsky
- Traditional
- J.Brahms
- C. Debussy
- E. Satie
- E. Grieg
- G. Bizet
- F.Mendelssohn
- J. Brahms
- F. Schubert
- G. F. Handel
- Traditional
- J.S. Smith
- M. Mussorgsky

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